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We've had some downtime over the last week due to a server move, but the forum is back and fully operational. Thanks a bunch to :iconcrimda: for getting things working again and volunteering to manage the site.…

Addendum: If you uploaded your avatar to the server you'll need to reupload it. Image attachments disappeared during the move and we don't know if they can be restored.
Issue 2 has been released!

Click here to read it (and apologies for the rudimentary comic viewer):…
...that memes are no longer permitted in this group as per our updated rules:


Some users have seen fit to continue submitting them regardless, so here's how we're going to do this.

From this point onward, anyone who continues to submit memes or any other irrelevant nonsense will receive a warning. Persisting after said warning will result in being banned from the group.

If you have any questions about what content is deemed acceptable under the standards outlined in the aforementioned journal, then feel free to Note me.

After many months of work by our talented team of artists and writers, we're proud to present the full version of Mobius Legends #1. Click the link below to read it.…

All of the pages will be uploaded and posted to this group's gallery as well.

Thanks to everyone who worked on this issue. We couldn't have done it without you! And this is only the beginning, so stay tuned!
After a discussion with other admins, we have decided upon some changes regarding submissions to the group.  

All content in the group is to pertain to Archie Sonic Online and this group is to be in essence, not as much of a fan group, but more of an advertising page to attract people to the Archie Sonic Online project.

No Memes or Mature Content are to be accepted into this group and the deviations in the Memes and Other Folder and the Mature Content Folder have been removed from the group.

From today, irrelevant submissions to the group will be removed and any future submissions must be relevant to Archie Sonic Online or the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity. No threatening, inflammatory or defaming material of any sort will be allowed into the group.

All future submissions must undergo approval before admittance into the group galleries.

The gallery folders of the group will be as such:

The Featured Folder will only be used for featuring the pages of current comic issues.  

The Official Comic Pages Folder will contain previous finished comic pages and other official content from cover pages to Off-Panels.

The Previews, Official Art, and WIPs folder will contain official art, character concept art, announcements, and previews.

The Fanart folder is for artwork produced by fans of the project or by those not officially involved in the project.  Fanart must be based on the Pre-Super Genesis Wave and/or Archie Sonic Online Continuity.

The Fanfiction and Literature Folder will be for fanfiction, reviews, journal entries, and other literature.  Criticism accepted into this folder must be civil and not vitriolic rants, and the same restrictions as in the Fanart folder apply.

There will be major changes to this group over the coming weeks or months.  Folders and submissions will be rearranged and some will be removed.  Contact any of the administrators for any further questions.

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